Herbal spirit



Originally, the liquors were conceived by the monks and medieval alchemists as authentic elixirs capable of both healing a sick body and making the purest passionate love in the human heart. However, the passing of the centuries has been blurring this magical and therapeutic meaning, turning your tasting into a mere form of leisure and heady enjoyment.
However, the transit of decades has not eroded, is the human desire to continue to elaborate this precious substance, whether by infusion or distillation, fruity or creamy flavor, resulting in an authentic drink worthy to accompany the divine ambrosia.

This claim is also latent in our efforts to offer some liquors that, following an artisan elaboration, collect the centenary meaning of this nectar and combine it with the singular taste and taste of Galician lands and products resulting in a new Elixir capable of drunk from the purest tradition.

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