If we talk about our work on the vineyards, we cultive the differents grapevines with the most advanced techniques, but always respecting the environment. We are aware that the vineyard and the natural environment are part of the cultural heritage. Another important thing is that the situation of our vineyards forces us to do our work in a completely handmade way, because these crops are located in hillsides and small plots.



Elegance and complexity, it produces wines of elegant fragances and full of nuances. It brings up like no grape the expression of the terroir, together with reminescences of fruits, aromatic herbs, citrus and flowers. Well-structured and fresh to the palate, as well as tasty and deep.



Delicate and pleasant, with a dominant expression of fruits and aromatic herbs. A light and balanced structure with a silky finish.



Exuberant and fresh, with aromatic fragrances dominated by floral notes, citrus and fresh aromatic herbs. It produces light, delicate, and elegant wines, as well as very fresh.



Intensely, delicate, of lovely aroma, dominated by stone fruits, flowes, balsamic and citrus. They present silky

Furthermore, we have to talk about the old tradition of all our crops. Our first vineyards, whose labor date back to several generations in time, they are located on the hillside called “Coto de Novelle”, on the left bank of the Miho River. Among these original grapevines, full of history and work, they should be emphasised by its exceptional location and its unique character, vineyards such as “A Ponte”, “O Quinteiro”, “Fonte Quente” or “La Calzada”. All of them share a sunny existence and a rooted existence in a clay and sandy soil. Finally, we must emphasize the heterogeneity in location and type of soil, which characterizes our vineyards, vital feature, bacause it allows us to bring to all our wines a greater wealth and a greater tonality.