The cellar

Our wine cellar is, above all, a traditional family company stablished in the Ribeiro´s viticulture tradition. In fact, his genuine name, “Antonio Montero” has passed from generation to generation, being the “antroponimo” of the three current responsible of the winery: “grandfather”, “ father” and “son”. In this way, our winery has been growing, step by step, until it became stablished as a strong Ribeiro´s brand. Therefore, if we had to describe us, just we would present us as the fruit of the union of three generations, that with his talent and knowledge they have achieved one thing, “embody the various stages of the life of a man in one body, with wine shape”.


Our winery is located in Ribeiro´s heart. The Designation of Origin Ribeiro is located in Galicia, on the northwestern edge of the province of Ourense and at the confluences of the valleys formed by the rivers Miño, Avia and Arnoia. A small region situated at 45 km. of the Atlantic Ocean, in a very particular area and of excellent aptitude for the cultivation of the vine. Ribeiro has an approximate extension of 2,500 hectares of vineyards under the protection of the Designation of Origin, covering the townships of Arnoia, Beade, Ribadavia, Carballeda de Avia, Castrelo de Miño, Cenlle and Cortegada.


Our winery was founded three generations ago, and It follows a centenary tradition in the winemaking industry. Looking into the historical background of the Ribeiro wines, we might say that Ribeiro was rebuilt on Roman wine-producing sites that they had brought to the Ribeiro region between the 1st and 3rd Centuries A.D. Therefore, we have to understand the tradition that envolves our wines as the sum of effort, passion and wisdom, that despite of the inexorable passage of time, it has survived from generation to generation. The result of all of this are the elaboration of our excelent wine.


If there is something that defines the character of our products, this is the handcrafted signature of our work. From cultivating the best vines and selection of our grapes to the elaboration of our wines, all of this has done by hand and using traditional Ribeiro techniques and respecting its natural ecosystem. The result, incomparable quality products.


The inevitable result of the mix of tradition and quality are Antonio Montero wines. Antonio Montero wineries are positioned in the forefront of the wine industry in our country. We offer to the good wine fans the perfect match to triumph in any situation: a refined and elegant product, delicate and elegant, friendly and bold. In conclusion, we are this special product that your palate whispers in your ear when you taste any of our products.